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APSC General Studies Books

In this APSC General studies books section, we have divided the article into two sections;

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Essential APSC Books for General Studies

Here is the list of best APSC books for general studies. You can click on the “Download eBook” button to download APSC books PDF.

Book NameCategoryBuy OnlineFree PDF
NCERT Books Set for UPSC ExaminationsAllBuy From AmazonDownload eBook
NCERT NE India People, History & CultureAllDownload eBook
The History of Assam: From Yandabo to Partition - Priyam GoswamiAssam HistoryBuy From Amazon
History of Assam - Edward GaitAssam HistoryBuy From AmazonDownload eBook
A Comprehensive History of Assam - S.L. BaruahAssam HistoryBuy From Amazon
Social History of Kamarupa - Nagendra NathAssam HistoryBuy From AmazonDownload eBook
Medieval India - Satish ChandraIndian HistoryBuy From AmazonDownload eBook
History of Modern India - Bipin ChandraIndian HistoryBuy From AmazonDownload eBook
India’s Struggle For Independence - Bipin ChandraIndian HistoryBuy From AmazonDownload eBook
India's Ancient Past - R.S SharmaIndian HistoryBuy From AmazonDownload eBook
Indian Polity - M. LaxmiknathPolityBuy From AmazonDownload eBook
Indian Economy - Ramesh SinghEconomyBuy From AmazonDownload eBook
Economic Survey - Govt. of IndiaEconomyRead Online
Geography of India - Majid HussainGeographyBuy From AmazonDownload eBook
Oxford Student Atlas GeographyGeographyBuy From AmazonDownload eBook
Certificate Physics & Human Geography - G.C. LeongGeographyBuy From AmazonDownload eBook
A Socio-Cultural & Economic History of Assam - Sanjay SenAssam Art & CultureBuy From Amazon
The Wonder that was India - A. L. Bhasham Art & CultureBuy From AmazonDownload eBook
Indian Art & Culture - Nitin SinghaniaArt & CultureBuy From Amazon
Environment & Ecology -Anil DeEnvironmentBuy From AmazonDownload eBook
Environment for Civil Services Prelims and Mains – KhullerEnvironmentBuy From Amazon
Science and Technology in India – Ashok SinghScience & TechBuy From Amazon
India Year BookCurrent AffairsBuy From Amazon
Manorama Year BookCurrent AffairsBuy From Amazon
Current Affairs Series - assamONECurrent AffairsClick here to practice
Analytical Reasoning - M.K PandeyReasoningBuy From Amazon
Verbal & Non verbal reasoning -R.S. AggrawalReasoningBuy From AmazonDownload eBook

Additional Books for APSC Prelims & Mains

Here is the list of additional Books for APSC General Studies Books for Prelims & Mains

Book NameCategoryBuy OnlineFree PDF
Historical Background of Assam - B.K. BaruahAssam HistoryDownload eBook
India After Gandhi – Ramchandra GuhaHistoryBuy From AmazonDownload eBook
India Since Independence - Bipin Chandra
Buy From AmazonDownload eBook
History of Modern World – Jain and Mathur
Buy From Amazon
Selected Contemporary Essays - Saumitra Mohan
Buy From Amazon
India and the World - Surendra Kumar
Foreign Policy
Buy From Amazon
Pax Indica - Shashi Tharoor
Foreign Policy
Buy From AmazonDownload eBook
Governance in India - M. Laxmikanth
Buy From Amazon
Social Problems in India - Ram Ahuja
Indian Society
Buy From Amazon
Challenges to Internal Security - Ashok Kumar
Internal Security
Buy From Amazon
India's National Security - Sumit GangulyInternal SecurityBuy From AmazonRead Online
Word Power Made Easy - Norman Lewis EnglishBuy From AmazonDownload eBook

MCQ Sets for APSC General Studies

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