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Daily Quiz Update- 13 May 2019

This set of Current Affairs Daily Quiz 13 May 2019 Contains 5 Multiple Choice Questions. One mark for each correct answer and no negative mark for an incorrect answer.

1. National Technology Day is observed every year on May 11 in connection with?

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India's second nuclear test, Pokhran-II (first was operational smiling Buddha, Pokhran-I, May 1974) was successfully conducted on 11th May 1998 and it was named as Operation Shakti. National Technology Day was coined by former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee as a reminder of India's advancement in Science & Technology.

2. India's newest pit viper, a kind of snake with unique heat-sensing system has been found in which state?

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A team of herpetologists led by Ashok Captain has described a new species of reddish-brown pit viper, a venomous snake with a unique heat-sensing system from a forest in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh.

3. India's first UPI "Bahi Khata" for merchants has been launched by which fintech start-up company?

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Bahi Khata allows merchants to record all of their transaction with loans to customers (udhar) along with the service of SMS facility.

4. India, along with which of the following countries participated in the naval exercise ‘Group Sail’ in the disputed South China Sea?

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Two Indian Navy ships - Guided Missile Destroyer INS Kolkata and Fleet Support Ship INS Shakti carried out a 6-day long exercise ‘Group Sail’ with naval ships of Japan, Philippines and the United States of America (USA) in the disputed South China Sea from 03 May to 09 May 19.

5. Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is associated to which of the following country?

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has recently announced to stop respecting limits on its nuclear activities agreed under a 2015 nuclear deal with major powers until they find a way to bypass renewed US sanctions. Mr. Hassan has given an ultimatum of 60 days to remaining signatories - the UK, France, Germany, China, and Russia - to implement their promises to protect Iran's oil and banking sectors from US sanctions.

Daily Quiz Update- 13 May 2019
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