Daily Quiz Update- 7 August

This set contains 10 multiple choice questions. One mark for each correct answer. No negative marking for incorrect answer.

1. MAITREE 2018 is a:

The exercise started on 6th August and will last till 19th August 2018

2. RISECREEK, India's first indigenous microprocessor was developed by:

3. Which of the following badminton player won gold in the 2018 BWF World Championships for women's single?

P.V. Sindhu won silver at that tournament

4. National Culture Fund (NCF) was established in:

It was established as a trust on 28th November 1996. NCF collects fund for conservation & maintenance of historical monuments.

5. Which one is CORRECT about the citizenship amendment bill 2016?

6. What is the length of Assam-Bangladesh border?

Indian-Bangaldesh border is the fifth longest international border in the world and it is the longest international border of India. The length of the border is 4156 km and West Bengal shares 2217 km of it

7. Dhopkhel, a traditional game of Assam is a:

8. Sushruta Samhita is an ancient Sanskrit text on:

9. The tribes mentioned in the Rig-Veda are:

10. PMGDisha is the abbreviation of:

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