Assam History MCQ Set- 13

This set contains 10 multiple choice questions. One mark for each correct answer. No negative marking for incorrect answer.

1. Marangi Khowa Gohain administered which of the following region?

2. Who was the commander of Burmese in the first Burmese invasion of Assam?

3. King Suhungmung was also called Dihingia Raja because:

4. Which one is INCORRECT about the coins issued during the Ahom dynasty?

5. Borborua & Borphukan's title was given to:

Pratap Singha added this two offices.

6. Who was the last king of Cachar?

At that period, his capital was at Khaspur and he was a king of Kachari kingdom

7. The independent state of Pratapgrah (Modern day Patharkandi) was established by:

8. Which one is correct about Sati Sadhani?

After the death of Nityapal in the last Ahom-Chutiya war, she was asked to marry Sadiyakhowa Gohain. But, she preferred death to dishonor and committed suicide by jumping from the top of Chandragiri hills near Sadiya. Assam Govt celebrate 21st April as Sati Sadhani divas to honor her sacrifice.

9. Oldest amphitheatre of Asia is:

10. Who was the prime minister of Ahom kingdom during the battle of Saraighat?


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