Indian History MCQ Set-6

This set contains 10 multiple choice questions. One mark for each correct answer. No negative marking for incorrect answer.

1. Who among the following defeated Muhammad Ghori near Mount Abu?

2. Who was considered the real founder of Muslim Empire in India?

3. During the Tughlaq dynasty, land tax equal to 1/10 of the produce of the land known as?

4. Babur became Sultan at the age of

5. Who was defeated in the first battle of Panipat?

In the first battle of Panipat, Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodhi on April 21, 1526 and established Mughal Dynasty.

6. Who destroyed the Somnath Temple?

7. Which ordinance was NOT created by Alauddin Khilji to remove various problems created during the time of Balban?

Khiji created four ordinances, three ordinances are present here, the last one is "Between the family members, nobles can not marriages and also they should not have social gatherings without the kins permission."

8. Which one of the Muslim ruler proclaimed "kingship knows no kinship" and separated religion from politics

9. Who own the first battle of Tarian?

10. Who killed the last king of Khilji dynasty?

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