Mixed GK MCQ Set-16

This set of Mixed GK Series contains 10 multiple choice questions. One mark for each correct answer. No negative marking for incorrect answer.

1. Runs of Madan Kamdev shows the prosperity and might of:

2. King Suhungmung was also called Dihingia Raja because:

3. Protected Area Network in Assam occupies:

Protected area Network in Assam occupies 3925 sq-km and it consists of 5 National Parks, 17 Wildlife sanctuaries, 4 Tiger Reserves, 5 Elephant Reserves, 2 Biosphere Reserves, 2 World Natural Heritage Sites and three proposed wildlife sanctuaries

4. West Karbi Anglong district doesn't share border with:

5. Lo Ho La Hai is a ceremonial song of which of the following community?

6. India's first peasant movement against the British rule was:

7. Which of the following is the largest dam in the world?

8. Which of the is the National Sports of India?

India has not declared any National Sports yet.

9. Which country is the biggest consumer of gold in the world?

India overtakes China, becomes biggest gold consumer in the year 2015

10. Who was the founder of the SLAVE DYNASTY or ILBARI DYNASTY

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