Art & Culture of Assam MCQ Set-8

This set contains 10 multiple choice questions. One mark for each correct answer. No negative marking for incorrect answer.

1. Who was the first Assamese writer awarded with Sahitya Akademi Award?

Jatindra Nath Duwara was awarded with Sahitya Akademi Award for his potery collection Bonphool

2. Assam State Museum was established by:

3. Which one is CORRECT about the festival Domahi?

The festival is celebrated in Kamrup and eastern Goalpara regions of Western Assam

4. "Kumar Harana" was written by:

5. According to the epic Mahabharata, Who ruled the Pragjyotishpura Kingdom during the Kurukhestra war?

6. Which of the following was NOT awarded to Mamoni Raisom Goswami?

7. Which of the following tantric book was written in ancient Assam?

8. When was the Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Regional Government Film and Television Institute established?

It was formerly known as Jyoti Chitraban Film & Television Institute and it is located in Changsari, Kamrup district

9. Homen Borgohain was awarded Sahitya Akademi award for his novel:

10. Who was the first winner of the Assam Valley Literary Award?

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