Art & Culture of Assam MCQ Set- 15

This set of Assam Art & Culture GK MCQ contains 10 most important General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions of Assam Art & Culture. One mark for each correct answer, no negative mark for an incorrect answer.

1. The author of "Lava-Kuxar Yuddha", Harivara Vipra was the court poet of:

Harivara Vipra, the court poet of Kamata King Durlabh Narayan authored Lava-Kuxar Yuddha & Vavruvahanar Yuddha. Vipra's literary work provides the first date-able examples of Assamese literature.

2. "Biyah-gowa", one of the tradition of Oja-Pali tells stories from which of the following epic?

Oja-palis follow two different traditions: biyah-gowa which tells stories from the Mahabharata and Maroi, which tells stories on the snake goddess Manasa.

3. Katha Ratnawali was written by:

Bhattadeva, the father of Assamese prose had written three books on Vaishnavism: Katha Geeta, Katha Bhagawat and Katha Ratnawali.

4. Guru Charita and Sankara Charita, written by Bhusana Dvija were:

"Charit puthis" were biographies, 17th centuary is renowed for its growth and develpment.

5. How many "charyas" or mystic poems were written by Luipa?

Luipa or Luipada was a mahasiddha from from North-East India. During the Pala Empire in Ancient Assam, Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, "Charyapada" a collection of mystical poems or songs of realization in the Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism were written.

6. Which one is correct about the narrative poem "Devajit" of Madhava Kandali?

7. "Kitabat Manjari", a poetical treatise on arithmetic, surveying and bookkeeping was written by:

Bakul Kayastha, a mathematician from Kamarupa was known for masterpiece in the field of mathematics named "Kitabat Manjari", written in 1434, and "Lilavati".

8. Who was the editor of "Asamar Padya Buranji" (অসমৰ পদ্য বুৰঞ্জী) or A metrical chronicle of Assam?

Edited by S. K. Bhuyan, "Asamar Padya Buranji" (অসমৰ পদ্য বুৰঞ্জী) or A metrical chronicle of Assam is a Buranji in verse consisting of Dutiram Hazarika's "Kali-bharat buranji" and Bisweswar Vaidyadhipa's "Belimarar buranji".

9. "Bhakti Pradip", deals with the sole devotion to Lord Krishna, consisting of 313 verse, was written by:

10. Bhagavat of Sankardev is an Assamese adaptation of the:

Bhagavata Purana describes how Lord Krishna first made peace with demons to understand them, then creatively defeated them to bring justice, freedom, and happiness.


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