Assam History MCQ Set- 19

This set of Varman Dynasty GK MCQ of Assam History GK MCQ Set- 18 contains 10 multiple choice questions. One mark for each. No negative marking for incorrect answer.

1. Who was the composer and writer of the Nidhanpur Copperplate Inscription?

The Nidhanpur Copperplate Inscription was discovered by a Muslim cultivator in Nidhanpur village, near Sylhet, presently Bangladesh, on 29th December 1912 during a processing of building buffalo shed.

2. Which of the following archeologist found the seal of Bhaskar Varman during the excavation of the ruins of Nalanda in 1917-1918?

In connection with Harsha Vardhan & Xuanzang, Kumar Bhaskar Varman visited ancient Buddhist University at Nalanda, where his seal along with fragmentary seal of Harsha was found by archeologist Dr. David B. Spooner along with his team during excavation in 1917-1918.

3. During the regime of which of the following Varman King, Davaka was absorbed with the Kamarupa Kingdom?

Though historian Kanak Lal Barua claimed that Davaka was absorbed with the Kamarupa Kingdom by 6th to 7th century, later historians like B. N. Puri (1968), and P.C. Choudhury (1959) claimed that Davaka was absorbed with Kamarupa kingdom much earlier during Kalyan Varman (422-446).

4. From which of the following inscription, the defeat of Gauda King Shashanka by Bhaskar Varman can be traced?

5. Which of the following Varman King was said to have master the self and well versed in the philosophy of the supreme self?

It is mentioned in the Nagendranath Vasu’s The Social History of Kamarupa that Mahendra Varman master the self like king Janaka, i.e. become self-realized and worked towards stability of the country.

6. Which of the following Varman King was defeated by Samudragupta in connection with the Asvamedha sacrifice?

Later, Mahendra Varman perfomed Asvamedha sacrifice to through the imperial yoke of Gupta-empire.

7. Which of the following Varman King formed an alliance with Maukhari dynasty to fight against the Gaur Kings?

Mahasenagupta of East Malwa, the predecessor of Shasanka was fighting with Varman dynasty when Susthita Varman was the king, then Varman dynasty formed an alliance with Maukhari dynasty.

8. Which of the following deity/god/goddess is mentioned in the Umachal Rock Inscription?

In the Umachal Rock inscription, it is written that the cave temple of the illustrious Balabhadra (Balarama) was constructed by Surendra Varman. Nowadays, a temple for Balabhadra is present in the north eastern slope of the Nilachal Hills.

9. Which of the following Varman King was also known as Maharajadhiraja?

10. Who is the author of the biography “Harsha Charita” where Varman King Mahabhuti Varman is named as Bhuti Varman?

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