Assam History MCQ Set- 16

This set of Assam History MCQ GK Set-16 contains 10 multiple choice questions.  One mark for each correct answer. No negative marking for incorrect answer.

1. Nidhanpur copperplate inscription gives detailed accounts of:

The copper plates were discovered on 29 December 1912, in the village of Nidhanpur in Panchakhanda near what is now Sylhet in Bangladesh.

2. Which of the following Varman King performed Ashvamedha or horse sacrifice to throw off the imperial yoke of Gupta empire?

3. Which of the following is not a common language in the era of Varman dynasty?

4. Which of following is the only Kamarupa dynasty's inscription that distinguishes between the b (ব) and v (ৱ) letters?

Nagajari-Khanikargaon rock inscription is located in modern day Golaghat district

5. Nagajari-Khanikargaon rock inscription belongs to the period of:

Nagajari-Khanikargaon rock inscription is a 5th-century land-grant inscription discovered in 1972 in Nagajari area of Golaghat district. The inscription was written in Eastern Brahmi script.

6. Which one is correct about the Umachal rock inscription?

This is a 5th-century rock inscription located in the Nilachal hill of Guwahati.

7. Which of the following Varman King formed an alliance with Maukhari dynasty to fight against the Gaur Kings?

8. According to the Kalika Purana, Naraka, the mythological ancestor of the Varman dynasty was the son of:

9. Which of the following legendary dynasty precedes the Varman dynasty?

10. Princess Amrita Prabha, who eventually chosen the prince of Kashmir Meghavahana as her groom, was the daughter of:

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