General Science- Physics MCQ Set- 5

This set of General Science Physics GK MCQ Set- 5 Contains 1 Multiple Choice Questions. One mark for each correct answer and no negative mark for an incorrect answer.

1. Who in 1643 was the first person to create vacuum above the liquid?

2. Which one of the following types of Laser is used in Laser Printers?

3. Which among the following is studied under ”Fulminology”?

4. Who was the first pre-Socratic philosopher to suggest that matter could neither be created nor destroyed?

5. Which among the following waves are used in the gemstone industry to change white topaz into blue topaz?

6. Which of the following force is experienced by a vehicle moving in a circular path?

7. Which among the following is measured by an Odometer?

8. Raman effect, discovered by C.V. Raman involves

9. Ball pen works on the principles of:

10. Which among the following property of the matter is studied in “Rheology”?

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