Indian History MCQ Set-2

This set contains 10 multiple choice questions. One mark for each correct answer. No negative marking for incorrect answer.

1. Which of the following rulers were closely associated with Yuehzhi nomadic people?

2. Who was the Greek ambassador sent to the court of Chandragupta Maurya by Seleucus?

3. Which of the following functions were performed by Rajukas?

Rajukas were employed by Ashoka

4. Saka Year is how many years behind the Christian Era?

Years in the Indian calendar are counted from the start of the Saka Era.

5. Which one of the following is correct about Maurya Empire?

6. Which among the following river is most described in Rig-Veda?

7. Which of the following dynasty was ruling in India, when Alexander invaded India?

8. Gathas are most sacred of the texts of which of the following religion?

9. Who among the following succeeded Pushyamitra Shunga?

10. Which among the following was the earliest drama of Kalidasa?


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