Mixed GK MCQ Set-12

This set contains 10 multiple choice questions. One mark for each correct answer. No negative marking for incorrect answer.

#1 Which state Government confers the Basava Sri award?

#2 The exhaustive codification of Islamic laws in the name of ‘Fatwa-i-Alamgiri’ was done at the behest of which among the following rulers of Medieval India?

#3 Which of the following deities were associated with the ‘Rig Vedic Period’ ?

#4 Which of the following was the most controversial measure of Lord Mountbatten?

#5 How long a person should have practiced in a High Court to be eligible to be appointed as a Judge of Supreme Court of India?

#6 All the following announcements were made at the Delhi Durbar in 1911 except one. Identify that one:

#7 Which is the largest cave in India?

#8 When did Chola empire come to an end?

#9 Who founded the slave dynasty?

#10 Who was chosen to begin individual Satyagraha campaign in 1940?

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