Assam Geography GK MCQ Set- 8

This set of Assam Geography GK MCQ contains 10 multiple choice questions. One mark for each correct answer. No negative marking for incorrect answer.

1. Which one is the correct geographical location of Assam?

2. Which one is NOT a major tectonic element of the Assam-Arakan Basin?

3. Assam-Arakan Basin covers an area of:

4. Rudrasagar oilfield was discovered in:

5. Non-coking coal is found in:

Non-coking coal is used for thermal power generation. Except for Sigraimari coalfield, High sulphur coal is found in all other below mentioned coalfields.

6. In Assam, the occurrence of Gypsum was reported from:

Minor occurrences of gypsum within shales have been reported from Badarpur and Mahur in Dima Haso district as per the report of Geological Survey of India, Miscellaneous Publication No. 30 Part IV Vol 2(i) Assam

7. Which one is correct about the Manas National Park?

Manas was declared as UNESCO world heritage site in 1985, further in 1992, it was added to the list of world heritage in danger due to increased poaching and terrorist activities. However, it was removed from the list of world heritage in danger in 2011

8. Who is the chairman of the Assam Project on Forest and Biodiversity Conservation Society (APFBC Society)?

Assam Project on Forest and Biodiversity Conservation Society (APFBC Society) was formed 0n 18th June 2012

9. Which one is the correct funding pattern (Central Govt : State Govt) of the Command Area Development and Water Management (CADWM)?

It is a centrally sponsored Programme was launched in the State in 1974-75 with the main objective for bridging the gap between potential created and potential utilized through efficient transportation of irrigation water to farmer’s field through field channels.

10. How much percent of the Indian landmass is covered by the state of Assam?


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