Assam History MCQ Set- 18

This set of Colonial Assam GK of Assam History GK MCQ Set- 18 contains 10 multiple choice questions. One mark for each. No negative marking for incorrect answer.

1. Which of the following is the correct reason of the hanging of Maniram Dewan?

2. Kushal Konwar, the only martyr who was hanged during the period of the Quit India Movement, was hanged on the charge of:

15 June 1943 Kushal Konwar was hanged in Jorhat jail on the charge of conspiracy that derailed train near Sarupather, Golaghat.

3. Who was the Chief Minister of Colonial Assam during the Japanese invasion to India?

4. Which one is incorrect about the Naga Hills district of Colonial Assam?

Its HQ was located in Samaguting

5. Which one is incorrect about the Assam Association?

Prabhat Chandra Baruah was elected as the president, Jagannath Baruah was Vice-president and Manik Chandra Baruah as elected as Genral Secretary when Assam Association was formed.

6. Hemkosh is the first dictionary of Assamese language: Choose was the correct one:

Hemkosh was the first Assamese language based dictionary on Sanskrit spelling. Assamese and English dictionary by Miles Bronson was the first dictionary of Assamese language.

7. In 1828, Kachari kingdom was annexed under which of the following doctrine?

8. Patharughatar Ran or Battle of Patharughat was the consequence of:

9. From which of the following event, peasants from East Bengal began settling down in the riverine tracts (char) of the Brahmaputra valley as encouraged by the British to increase agricultural production?

10. Which one is correct about the tea production in Assam during Colonial Assam?

First tea garden was established in 1837 and the Assam Tea Company began commercial production in 1840.

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