Art & Culture of Assam MCQ Set- 14

This set of Assam Art & Culture GK MCQ contains 10 most important General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions of Assam Art & Culture. One mark for each correct answer, no negative mark for an incorrect answer.

1. Who among the following is not a recipient of the Asom Ratna (অসম ৰত্ন), the highest civilian award in the state of Assam?

2. "Kaal Sandhya", a Hindi Crime Drama film is the only directed film on the Hindi language by which of the following Assamese personality?

3. Who was the first winner of the Assam Valley Literary Award?

4. How many 'Ghosa' are there in the "Naam Ghosa"?

Naam Ghosa is a Vaishnavite scripture of verses in praise of Lord Krishna written in Assamese by Madhavdeva.

5. The first "Ankia Nat" written by Sankardeva is:

6. In the context of the Assamese literature, the 17th century is renowned for growth & development of "Charit Puthi", charit puthis are:

7. One of the absurd drama of Assamese literature, "Aahar" was written by:

8. "Tripura Buranji" was written by Arjun Das Bairagi Kataki along with:

The Tripura Buranji is an account of the diplomatic contacts between the Ahom kingdom and the Tripura Kingdom between 1709 and 1715.

9. "Monchalekha", a masterpiece in the Assamese literature, which traced five hundred years of Assamese drama and stage was written by:

10. Mora jiwana-dapoṇa (মোৰ জীৱন দাপোন) is the autobiography of:


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